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Sports Betting In South Africa

Online sports betting in South Africa is legal for now, provided that bettors make use of licensed bookmakers. All other forms of online gambling are currently illegal and subject to penalties for individuals, companies that offer online gambling services and financial institutions that facilitate online gambling transactions.



Betting In South Africa has lasted over the ages. Betting is not new to South Africans but internet betting is. South Africa is one of the most developed countries in Africa harbors many online bettors who bet with big amounts of money.

Each of South Africa’s nine provinces has a gambling and racing board. To offer online betting bookies must be licensed by one of these boards. Currently, the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board (WCGRB) is the largest provider of online bookmaker licenses.

In South Africa, the region of Gauteng generates more gambling revenue than all the other South African regions combined. It is also worthy of note that mobile betting in South Africa is less popular compared to playing from a laptop or desktop. The legal age to participate in any form of gambling in South Africa is 18.

Betting with South African Rand

It is important for the bookmaker in South Africa to offer betting in the local currency, the South African Rand. All the international bookmakers that are providing their service in the African country have ZAR as a currency so players do not have to worry about any fees or exchange rates. There are other betting sites that accept South Africa Rand as well even though they do not explicitly offer services in South Africa.

Winnings made from recreational betting is not subject to income tax and gambling winnings do not need to be included on tax returns as of May 2012. The tax which applies to bettors is a 6% VAT deduction which is applied to all horse racing winnings.

Live Sports Betting In South Africa

The Live Betting option is not available on every online Sportsbook website. However many SA sports betting sites feature live in-play bets for players and they combine international matches of all the sports around the clock, 24-hours a day. Live betting odds can change depending on the stage of the game.

Existing in the internet age in South Africa means you will be using a lot of online apps and betting apps are no exception. You can use many online betting apps in South Africa from the convenience of your room and make as much money as your predictions can rake in for you.

Betting has helped the South African economy a whole lot as many citizens get employed by both local and international bookmakers. These betting companies also do pay taxes to the African country’s government.

This Betting Sites In South Africa list notwithstanding, South Africa has so many bookmarks that offer good sporting experience. In the South African football or sports betting world, there are so many bookmarks. There are however exclusive ones due to the methods and improvement being carried out on the bookmark by their admins. You can always use these ones listed herein anytime to make it big with betting. Be sure that your winnings will be paid.

Giants In The South Africa Betting Industry


This bookmark has made a strong impact in the betting and gambling industry and has provided loaded sports games to the gamblers daily. They have been very consistent in giving good outcomes and odds in every sport they provide. Most gamblers in different places in South Africa prefer using this betting bookmark.


Betway bookmark has proved to be competent. They render sports betting services right from the year 2001 to date and have been working much more in the improvement aspect both in their site and mobile applications. Betway provides different kinds of sports to wager on. This betting company remains the user’s choice by giving a good welcome bonus which is 100% on first-time deposit. Betway started operating in South Africa in 2010.

Other Betting Sites In South Africa Includes


This bookmark which is licensed and controlled by the Western Cape gaming board is one of the Betting Sites In South Africa. Playabets have a good platform that gives current information on all sports games through different social media outlets. It is also made easy for everyone to use. Playa bet’s welcome bonus is quite appealing which is 100% on the first deposit.


This bookmark stands to be one of the best and most used in South Africa. It is a bookie licensed and controlled by the Western Cape gambling authorities and they accept and have an easy method of deposit and withdrawal. Odds are of European standard and it doesn’t require any mobile app due to the speedy delivery by the site. The site is very user-friendly and very easy to use and wager on. Providing all kinds of sporting games both live score matches and game results are being updated daily.


This bookmark was founded by Mark Blandford with a parent organization; William Hill, GVC Holdings London in the year 1997. This company was shortlisted on the London exchange. The platform has no restriction of countries thereby enabling any gambler to wager on and their odds format is European standard.

Sportingbet provides so many interesting sports that attract gamblers to wager on daily. It remains one of the leading bookmarks in London and has to be in existence for so many years with quality services to render.


Sportybet bookmark has made tremendous effort in bringing in a good sports base for gamblers to always place their wager on. They provide so many kinds of sporting games activity daily with updates. The site is very friendly to users and it accepts deposits and withdrawal once you have your account with them. They give a welcome bonus to every new account which is 100% of your deposit.


This bookmark is one of the most used in South African bookie making it one of the Betting Sites In South Africa. It has a format for fast deposit and withdrawal and has high competitive daily odds.


This a British based bookie but is one of the most used in South Africa. It has a comprehensive odd and the site is very understandable. They give a 100% bonus on first deposits. Bet365 bookmark turns out to be one of the most used in the world too with a tested and trusted rating.


A good sporting betting bookmark that offers instant R2000 on first deposit and has room to showcase games statistics, fixtures, formations, and team performance.


Own an account with Morris Vee. You will have an opportunity to explore many other great opportunities in betting with a better experience. They have good and competitive odds, daily updates on games news and matches. If you try to access this app I am sure there won’t be any regrets afterward because it is one of the best betting sites in South Africa.

Betting has come to stay in South Africa. Many youths in South Africa and Nigeria make livings from proceeds from betting. The rise of fast reliable internet data connections in Africa takes many youths to bet and Gambling. This is a cure to poverty and the large unemployment rate rocking many African countries.

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